More Detailed Info About 4EverWords

A professional production of YOU to say goodbye to the people you leave behind!

These recorded memories of you will last for ages. So be creative, witty, funny, dance, sing - do whatever you want - YOU are still alive! Hi-end 4K professional video shot at full Broadcast TV quality - even feature film style if you like! 

Because of Covid, many people now work from home remotely, with 4EverWords videos people can attend a safe remote funeral from their home, it is the new future. Funerals really haven’t changed much in hundreds of years, it’s time to give them a new hi-tech infusion and change them forever with better and lasting heartfelt memories by showing your 4EverWords video.

Instead of just holding on to old photos and home videos like in the past, now people will be able to cherish special messages from their loved ones when they were alive that were made especially for them. Your friends and family can conveniently watch your final words from anywhere in the world online.

It is practical and very heartfelt, it is you, and it saves your loved ones stress, time, emotion and massive funeral costs when you are laid to rest by having a 4EverWords video as the highlight of your funeral. It is like another form of Funeral Insurance, you can insure that people remember YOU YOUR WAY!

Ideas on how you can use 4EverWords to comfort your family…

Choose a video message style you like best:

• A Simple Heartfelt 

• Upbeat and Spiritual Goodbye

• An Emotional Goodbye

• A Humorous or Funny Goodbye

• Creative Artistic Goodbye - the big show a full production to celebrate YOU

• Show Your Personality - sing a song, act out a scene from a movie, tell jokes, do anything you like to lighten up your loved ones and make them smile again

• A Deep Confession to leave behind when you are gone so you can truly Rest In Peace

• A Fun Goodbye - Welcome to My Final Party!

• A Get-It-Off Your Chest Goodbye - say the things you have always wanted to say even if it is shocking - set the record straight, you get the FINAL WORD!

• Share Personal Stories - tell secrets and family history you want to preserve

• Fathers and Mothers can leave messages to children whose lives they were not a part of or who they are estranged from

• Let people know that you were of very sound mind when you made your Will to make it clear in case they later try to contest it later

• Use it to tell special people ‘I Love You’ in messages just to them.  Say goodbye to all the special people in your life. It’s great for everyone from friends, to older parents who have younger children, and grandparents who want to be remembered after they are gone

• Go out softly or with a BANG - anyway you want to say your final Goodbye.  It is yours to say your way with a 4EverWords video!

However you choose to do it, they are YOUR final Forever Words and they will last forever! Or, you can have it done for someone else as a great keepsake. It could be an older or sick loved one that you want to preserve for your family, grandkids and future generations.   Do it soon while they are still here with us.

It can also be done in an emergency to get the last words or messages of a dying loved one. You have many choices about its distribution and use after you pass that we will strictly adhere to according to your specific instructions.

Your 4EverWords video will be held by us and only released after your verified death to a trusted person you designate. We assign code-numbered certificates to five different people you trust that will be used to release the video of you on your behalf according to your instructions on how to show and distribute it.

Your video can, if you like, be given directly to you or someone else you designate when completed to entrust them with it on your behalf, like a younger trusted family member or an attorney who handles your Trust. Your best option is to keep it a secret from prying eyes by letting us keep it tucked away for you until its release AFTER you are gone, or someone might peek.

After you have passed, it can be shown at your funeral service as a special highlight, it can be viewed online as a virtual funeral event, it can be shared by video conferencing, or on social media pages if you choose.  It can be made to go away after it is viewed just once, or it can be made a permanent password-protected video, or even a freely public download.  IT IS ALL YOUR CHOICE.

It is a video time capsule of YOU that is shared only AFTER you are gone.  What a surprise recorded legacy it can be for the people you leave behind.

And…It is all done YOUR WAY!

Get top professional quality video, audio & editing with a skillful director when a cellphone video just won’t do - you will look like a star!

Life is not certain, BUT DEATH IS (WE JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN) - so don’t hesitate on creating and leaving your 4EverWords video to speak for you!

How 4EverWords Videos Are Made

We come to you - shoot in the comfort of your own home or ANYWHERE you like!

Behind the scenes view shows these are very detailed shoots with high end equipment, and a real director to help bring out best from you. 

The highest quality audio equipment is used to get a dynamic dramatic full bodied presence from the voice almost as if the person is present.

With great cameras, mics, lighting and expert direction, the end results look and sound better than real life - and they are edited to perfection!

Your Photos Are Also Used To Tell Your Story

To make your 4EverWords video come to life,

we scan your old photos to use them in your video!

Before Restoration

After Restoration

Professional level photo restoration is done to make your old photos look new again.

We can also clean up your old videos to look and sound better as well!