Package Details

A Professional Production of YOU to say goodbye to the people you leave behind!

Packages Can Include:

Professionally Shot by a Skilled Director to help bring out your best YOU!

• A 30 min. pre-interview to help establish your video objectives.

• A guideline script will be created to make sure nothing is missed.

• A professional video shoot with an experienced Director who knows how to help you relax to pull the best from you.

• You can add other people to say nice things on your behalf with smiles instead of tears (additional fees will be charged for each person added and different locations).

• Updates can be made to your 4EverWords video periodically if you stay around longer than expected, if you had a major event in your life you want to add, or if you forgot something you didn’t say the first time.

• And since no one knows when they will pass, it could be done at a younger age and updated every 10 years or so until you pass, it can be a rolling retrospective of your life.

• Collection and restoration of your pre-existing photos and videos that will be added to your 4EverWords video footage in final edit. 

• Creative professional video editing with transitions and music. 

• Archiving and storage of your private video until it’s time for its release. 

• Your age and your date of passing will be updated before the video is released.

1 - Edit Only Package (for people who have already passed away) at $1,500 -


This is an Editing Only Service from pre-existing photos & videos.  This is good for when a person has already passed to remember and share who they were.

Send us their old photos and videos that we will professionally restore, edit, add music, transitions and graphics to create a high-end send-off presentation.

2 - Basic Video Package at $3,000 -

Single Camera Shoot (Final Edit 8 mins. or less)

Basic and to the point for the tighter budget but still getting your words said

1-hour shooting time (One location)

3 - Standard Deluxe Video Package at $5,000 -

Multi-Camera Shoot (Final Edit 18 mins. or less)

The best overall value, much more engaging than a one camera shoot and far better at holding people’s attention.  Just like on broadcast television, there is more than one camera angle to cut between to make the video move.  Multiple cameras are a must when a person has a lot to say.  You also have more time to do your actual shoot so you can think more about what you want to say -

or even change your clothes a few times for effect!

2-hour shooting time (One Location)

4 - Premium Unlimited (Really, No Limits!) - Call For Custom Pricing

For when you have more that needs to be said or when you need multiple messages for different people.  Have a general video for everyone, and make multiple short special messages for individual special people.

EXTRAS: Add other people to your video to have words about you

Multiple shooting locations

Travel upon request to any location

Professional Makeup Available

Green screen is available for creative location replacement

Anything you need to make your last words as special as you want

There is no limit to what you can do other than your own imagination, from a simple shoot to a large-scale creative production - or even make a full length documentary film of your life that is worthy of being televised!

It is a Video Time Capsule of YOU that is shared only AFTER you are gone - what a surprise it can be for the people you leave behind.

Payment Options Are Available - Call To Discuss.  

4EverWord Videos are like another form of Funeral Insurance, now you can insure that people remember you as YOU!



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